Why Choose

Royale Capital Ltd

Our investment contracts provides an opportunity to purchase and earn from two different carefully planned investment contracts.

Future Focus

Our analysis is focused on the future as this offers the best prospects for non-consensus insights.

A common investment language embedded across all regions and sectors facilitates the delivery of sharp and effective connected thinking.

We focus on the best investment opportunities irrespective of style implications.


Basic Plan


    9.6% ROI After 24 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $50

    Maximum: $549

Standard Plan


    13.88% ROI After 24 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $550

    Maximum: $1,049

Premium Plan


    14.50% ROI After 24 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $2,050

    Maximum: $3,999

Diamond Plan


    17.88% ROI After 24 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $4,040

    Maximum: $4,999

Gold Plan


    23% ROI After 36 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $5,050

    Maximum: $7,000

Platinum Plan


    13% ROI After 12 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $8,050

    Maximum: $9,999

VIP Plan


    17% ROI After 8 Hours

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $10,050

    Maximum: $11,999



    19% ROI After 12 Days

    (Deposit Return)

    Minimum: $12,050

    Maximum: Unlimited

Actively Responsible

We promote sustainable business practices in global markets, encouraging greater transparency and better corporate governance.

Long-Term Conviction

Everything we do is driven by our long-term perspective and our focus on building strategies and funds that are built to last.

Effectively Managed

We manage risk with discipline and rigour. By combining our extensive experience and unique insights, reaching an informed view on every decision

Client First

Listening to your aspirations and understanding the challenges you face, we aim to create the strategies that focus on delivering the specific outcomes you need.

Continous Innovation

By bringing together our knowledge, skill and creativity across major asset classes, disciplines and regions globally we can unearth great investment opportunities for you.

Investment philosophy

We believe in the power of integration, creating opportunity and empowering investors to have greater confidence in their investment decisions and outcomes.